Monday, December 15, 2008


My friend Julie mentioned that she was making marshmallow shooters.
I looked them up today after I saw them mentioned somewhere else.... can't remember where.
Anyway - saw them and was thrilled!!

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with gift ideas for the four boys on Eric's side of the family (ages 9-17). Last year I gave each family a magnetic dartboard - a big hit.

Marshmallow Shooters?Absolutely Perfect!!

I've purchased the parts, cut them and built them this morning (cost me $17 and less than two hours total -including the trip to the store- to make four-and-a-half shooters), so now we just paint them!

funny note - when I went into Home Depot this morning, they were out of the caps for the ends. There was a box with four in it.... "Excuse me, Sir... are these all the caps you have?"
"Let's see...." punches a few things into his little hand-held computer.... "Looks like it... must be some sort of Craft Project thing going on...."
I grinned at him. "Yup. Marshmallow Shooters!" said I.
He tapped a few more numbers and letters into his hand-held - "No one else has them, either!"
I'm resourceful, so I picked up some coupling pieces and plugs to make do.


Shelane said...

uh oh. that spells bad news for me. home depot is on my list for this afternoon's shopping trip to make... what else, marshmallow shooters. maybe sunroc will have them, eh? cross your fingers for me that they have some in.

Julie said...

That's cool you guys made some!

Damek will be bummed, as he really wanted to surprise Trev with one. We'll try to think of something else for him. Heck, who knows maybe we won't be making any if all the stores are out of the parts.

Stephanie said...

Julie - you didn't mention Trev on your list the other day, so I wasn't sure.
But the ones we made are for cousins, and though I was gonna make two to give Trev and Eric, I"ll have Trev help me to make one for Daddy, instead.
He'll love to get one from Damek, I'm sure!!

Shelane - I didn't have him check down there - I'm sure he just checked here in Salt Lake! He did say that the one at Fort Union had a couple, so maybe you'll be in luck!
The plugs cost more - they were 68c a piece, but I bought them, as I didn't want them to run out of those, too! (He said they were getting more in on the 23rd, but....)
It still was a great price - under $4 for each of them.

Stephanie Ozenne said...

After making and re-configuring marshmallow shooters around here, we realized that 3" pieces, 7" pieces, and various connectors "play well" together. So we got more of everything, and the boys use the pipe and connectors like any other building set.

For example, if you make a square with a handle, you can string rubber bands over it and have a paddle to hit balls around with, for example. For that, I think we used 3 7" pieces (for the top and sides of the square), 3 3" pieces (for the bottom and handle), four corner connectors and one T connector. You need pretty big rubber bands, but it bounces balls really well! They also made some pretty crazy contraptions to put water through and see where it would come out (in the summer, but in the bath would work, too).

Stephanie said...

Steph -
I like the three inch for Trev. The cousins are getting the five inch with an 8" barrel.
Madd has just a plain pipe, that she can do herself. She doesn't have the power for the other - she's satisfied with the plain shooter.

A bunch of pieces to play with willy-nilly is a great idea!
I love the water pipe idea.