Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the list

The big one. The spring-green one.
The one that never really got done last year,
the one where every surface and sub-surface is cleaned and every item every where is handled, considered, and judged.
Just because sometimes I like to make a list.
(I always like to, I just don't do it often because I'm not kind to myself or very understanding when/if I don't get it all done in five minutes.)

Madd's room
Trev's room :)
Hallway -- which of course includes scrubbing walls, door jams, and cleaning out the linen cabinet and hall drawers. :)
Kitchen (better allow two or three days for this one, since I'm including the fridge, stove, cupboards and pantry.)
Laundry Area and other hallway
my Bedroom
Stairs and downstairs hall (which includes painting over the timeline so we can start over. woohoo!
Rumpus Room including cleaning out my craft supply closet
my room
and the second Bathroom

That's everything.
Most rooms are an all-day job.
I'm giving myself through March!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Sounds so nice. Maybe you'll inspire me. Maybe.

Jennifer said...

Sigh, this has been on my mind too. Usually I have a big deep clean at Thanksgiving and about now. I am trying to change my point of view, to not beat myself up about the unchecked items, but to just glory in the checked items. Its a work in progress.

KMDuff said...

Maybe a list like this will keep me inspired. I've done the garage and shed. Now its into the house... ack!