Sunday, March 14, 2010

re, re, re

So many things in my head, right now.

and rethink.

Usually when I'm in this space it's out of a sort of desperation and a need for drastic personal evolution, but that isn't the case, this time.

There are really no problems, though I have been in a funk the last few days - I am finally coming to realize today the reason for that funk is not that I am unhappy or dissatisfied, but rather that I am just pre-occupied!
That I am needing space and quiet to work out my thoughts, and that just isn't happening. :) Imagine that.

I think that I need a two-day vacation - an opportunity to have the house empty of souls so that I might clear out our physical as well as my mental dirt and debris.

Things are just a little too full
a little too far gone
a little too much.

Lots of things are "somewhat" done,
but nothing is "done" done.

I'm also suspicious that it has something to do with this "in between" of living so much with flashes of sunshine and then clouds and cold and rain and snow for several days.

I'm ready for a clean sweep.

Mayhaps I should be meditating upon Mountain - Solid and Space - Free, hmmm?

And now I leave this totally non-sensical and erratic post to get up and try to do something about it....


Nancherrow said...

I can identify with your funk, and I do think the spotty weather plays its part. Have fun sweeping......


kath001 said...

I didn't find this non-sensical at all. It made a lot of sense to me, and seemed oh so familiar. It may be fleeting, but it is universal.

slim pickins said...

a-yup! those transition times...i hope you find the head/space/time to have a go at it!!

slim pickins said...

stephanie - i read a poem last night that struck a gonging chord with me and seemed to be just where you are...
i put it up this morn.

Amanda said...

Oh, I know this feeling so well! I found my space by getting sick again this weekend, and spending two days in bed with a huge stack of books -- and then purging stuff and cleaning as soon as I felt better. In fact, I was cleaning doorways, too. :)