Wednesday, June 02, 2010

gratitude : day four

(I skipped a day - I totally forgot on Monday.)

Tuesday found me sooo grateful for this puttering spot.
The day had some irritating things in it, and we found ourselves adrift and disappointed out in the world, and finally came home to console ourselves.

I did that here.
I so love this tiny corner.  It's no bigger than a small room - a little bigger than ten feet square.
It's on the north side of my bedroom.  Ivy grows up the wall.  There is a chair sitting under a lilac bush.  Our fully-grown pear tree hangs over the spot, always sheltering from the heat of the midday sun.
I have lemonbalm planted right next to the chair.  Lavender was planted near here last year, too.  There are plants and herbs on the outside of the path - green and white are the only things I've invited.
The earth is soft and rich in this space.
The water trickles or tumbles, depending upon the need of the moment. 
There is a cauldron close at hand should I need a tiny fire for something.

It is quiet
and nourishing,
and Still.

A small bit of paradise, to me.


Sam said...

That's a beautiful meditation spot, candles and all. I can see why sitting there would be such a delight.

You're good at this peaceful/grateful/joyful stuff, aren't you? ;-)

I am constantly refreshed and inspired by your posts. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

I'd certainly like to be. :)