Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cleaning the Soul

I gotta tell ya.
This is one of those things that just Really makes me happy.

Odd, isn't it?
I've been making a general cleaner that I use for dusting and cleaning various rooms as well as the children's bedroom's for a few years now. But a few weeks ago, in anticipation of my shipment of essential oils from Wellington Frangrance, I've ventured into the Every Day stuff.
I've been making and using my own carpet cleaner, bathroom disinfectant and scour scrub, kitchen degreaser spray, and general all purpose cleaners. I tell you, I couldn't be happier.
To add to my bliss and smugness, Eric (while cleaning the kitchen) the other day shouts from the other room "I love this cleaner that you made! It cleans so well, and it smells so good!"
(Mama Bear beams)
Frankly, I can hardly believe it, as he's so particular about smells and such. But he honestly does love them!
And for me, even viewing them under my kitchen sink makes my heart happy.
Cleaning just seems so... resonating, and flowing now.

Now to the meat of this particular topic...
It struck me earlier that maybe taking joy in such things may see odd.
But to me, (being the bearer of such odd feelings and thoughts for thirty-something years) it seems perfectly reasonable, in fact, even balancing.
My friend Melissia said something to me one day about emotional children, and that they feel pleasure as easily as they feel frustration.
Well then. That would be me.
I suppose if I accept the highs.... finding satisfaction and even momentary elation in such simple matters as homemade Household Cleaners, then I can more easily accept the frustrations and "lows"; momentary panic, anxiety, frustration, guilt, etc.
What I am coming to learn, is that I am an Emotional Creature. I might even venture to say that on most days, I am ruled by them.
But if I can view that emotion as simply a part of who I am - one with a passionate temperate, or nature, that makes the swallowing of such high and lows a bit more palatable.

Something to think about.

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