Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happiness runs in a circular motion.....

Life is just a little boat

upon the sea.....

Everything is a part of everything, anyway

You can be happy-

if you let yourself Be.

There is no way to express the joy this day has brought me.
But I shall try to convey the importance of it, none-the-less.

Lee came over and cut down our cherry tree stump for us - to the exact height that I had in mind. It's straight, and it's perfect for a table top for my east altar. I can set incense, hang ribbons, do whatever I need at the time that I need an altar here. Wonderful. I can't tell you how thankful I am for his doing this for us. Might not seem a terribly big deal to him, but for me, it means a great deal! Perfect.

My seeds have finally begun (today!) to sprout in the Julianna.

Mr. Woodpecker was lightly tap-tap-tapping on the apple tree next door, and I attempted to capture the happiness he brought me this afternoon.

I've completed my Companion Planning page, and it's up into the website. It's pretty thorough, if you'd care to care to investigate- provided such things interest you.

I found some blooming violets today, though none in the common (grassy) area, only in my herb garden. Just as well. I'll be picking and preserving those fragile blooms for spells, teas, or whatever may suit me in an inspired moment.

My blue folowers are blooming, I want to say they are berengia, though I might be off. I'll try to track down what exactly it is, and let you know. They are so beautiful! These giant heart shaped rumpled leaves, with these beautiful tiny, so delicate flowers.
So lovely!

The pluot tree is blooming, and the sweet smell is so lovely and promising.

Also today I seriously started gardening for the season, put in onions, beets, radishes, garlic, spinach, all those appropriate for early spring.... all the time keeping in mind who loves whom, and what might be most beneficial. (also: note that the moon is currently in cancer, which happens to be the most moist and fertile time in the zodiac... coincidence that I had so many seeds bloom and show life today? I think not!)

Happiness runs in a circlular motion.....

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