Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Juliana

Thought I would tell you about my newest treasure.
This isn't my picture, it's theirs, if you click on the picture it will link you to the buying information.
I live in zone 5b, and our last frost date is officially May 15. For a gardener, it's tough to wait that long before you even throw seeds into the ground!
I usually start seeds indoors at the beginning of February. But this is a messy process, I use big trays with little individual cells, and it's tough to find a place to put them all.
This year we have Maddie the Menace :) not to mention a horse in the house, and I just couldn't chance them getting to my babies and knocking a flat or two of 72 seedlings onto the floor.
So! My friend Sam starts hers, too, but she has had a greenhouse for the last few years.
This year I was determined to buy one!
They are about a hundred dollars, but I figure I spend probably over $700 in plants over the early spring, so a hundred plus whatever for seeds seems like a better deal.
My friend (the same one) found one online at for $59!
So I bought us each one. (I hadn't gotten her birthday present, yet.) Bonus- I paid no shipping and no sales tax.
It's actually larger than this picture shows, but I tried to take a good picture, and it didn't turn out very well.
It will hold two flats of plants on each shelf, plus room for some 4 inch pots. I suppose it would depend on the flat shape, but two of the ones I have floating around.
So I can fit about 150 seedlings and pots on each shelf. Four shelves. Not too shabby!

I need to take inventory on the seeds we've bought, and figure out what I still need. Starting them outdoors requires a later date than early February, but they grow so much faster outside than in a windowsill, they can and should be started at the beginning of April. Thanks Sam! for that info.
I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this rack! (Though I am surely trying.)
It comes with the cover, of course, and they also sell a replacement cover for $20.
I'm so pleased with it!

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