Monday, March 12, 2007

March 11

Mucho thanks to Julie for inspiring me to get outside today to tend to my gardens!

I call this picture "Mess".
Later on in the afternoon, Eric said "You realize, of course, that in a couple of weeks this will all be covered up with six inches of snow."
"It doesn't matter," said I. "I'm doing it because in a few weeks I'll want to put my plants into the ground, and I want my gardens ready!" My thinking is that it may rain all througout the early and mid spring. Have to have a place to put them. might should also be pointed out that I call my areas 'gardens', mayhaps glorifying what others may call flowerbeds, but as they each have a different purpose and theme, and they are Mine, I may call them whatever I chooose! :)

What a mess it was!
That damned (or demmed, if you have delicate sensibilities) bindweed is a menace! Oh, wait. That's what I call Cakes (MaddieCakes).Then... blasted. Bloody. Cursed. Vexing. Grr. Blasted vines and seeds encroaching upon my Utopia. Curious, only at north and northeast borders. Hmm.

The first picture is before today's maintenance.
Next is after.

Not nearly as important or gratifying to you as it is to me, Dear Reader (does anyone besides me care to read about the workings of my beleaguered mind?) but I'll not worry about that at this particular moment.

This photo is of my herb garden, it harbours from front (view) to rear... lavender, mint, yellow roses, chives, sage, St. john's Wort, pink roses, Lamb's Quarters, roses, and more roses.
What is missing, and has not returned, is chamomile (seedlings to be coming soon) and Echinacea.

A few things to be added this year.

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