Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22

This recent topic has brought up some very interesting things for me, as I've said.

It explains several things:
Cell phones. I think dh and I are the last ones on the planet not to have one. Or four. We'll probably not have them until we find it necessary for our children, though why couldn't they just use their friends' phone, I'm sure I don't know.
We just don't have need for them. Why on earth would I want to be accountable to any one at any time for the entirety of my life? I did not understand it at all, until I started reading about the psychology behind it. Some folks just are not comfortble being by themselves.
There was a question on the quiz that said " You are usually the first to react to a sudden event: the telephone ringing or unexpected question". I couldn't make up my mind about that one, because usually when someone says something outrageous I laugh or spew my drink, and if the phone rings I flinch. So yes, I react quickly, but I don't hurry to answer it or want to erupt with a comment to the other person until I've thought about it.
Anyway, guess I'll have a bit more empathy for those who are always on the phone. Seems really shallow to me, though - you see people sitting at a table at dinner in a resaurant, and all four people are talking to others on the phone. Wierd. I don't like it. It's shallow, and makes me concerned for the state of humanity. It seems like we're disconnecting.

Emotions. I rated pretty high on the Feelings over Thought section. 62%. The only thing higher was Introvert, which was 67%.
This too, I am sure over the coming days will help me to find a greater acceptance of what I deem as my faults, and reactions.
I started speculating barely a few weeks ago - sponsored by a comment that Melissia made about her daughter, and children, being very high in emotion. It struck me (for the first time) that the same could be said of me.
Since then I've been blaming myself less and less for my own immaturity and craziness (as I had judged myself to be) and have just started to embrace that it's a part of who I am.
I would certainly like to be more balanced, or even tempered, but I think I just might be willing to take the bad with the good. I spose the alternative would be to get on Valium or something -which I am certain I could make a good case for in the doc's office- but being in a state of perpetual lethargy or emotional paralysis does not appeal to me. Botox for the soul? Mmmm... no.

More on this later.

Today is Earth Day!
If the rain holds out we'll be heading to Liberty Park for EarthJam. Should be a grand event, things shut down around here on Sundays, so it should be a park full of liberals and hippies. My favorite! :)

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