Monday, April 23, 2007

Journaling in Public

I remember being a kid in school, and being required to keep a journal a couple of times.
Whenever I read them later I was always embarrassed. It was like my wisdom of today was complete - vastly superior to the folly of yesterday. So I never much enjoyed it.
Interesting that I now choose to publicly state my daily foolishness.
I suppose I've come into a certain sort of understanding, though. Something involving realizing that we all have feelings, insecurities, rages, fears, triumphs, and angst.
Interestingly enough, I've almost arrived at a place where my thoughts (words) of yesterday do not shame me into blushes, but I am coming around to a more objective viewpoint - I can understand that person who wrote those words last year, as I've marked my way well on this path.
Knowing that we are all learning, growing, and changing every minute also helps me to find the courage to go on, and to not make excuses for not knowing or doing better yesterday.
Or even today.

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