Wednesday, April 25, 2007


(as I finally come up for air!)
I was kicked off line for a whole 24 hours!

Explanation: I use netzero, and I've been in a sort of interum, as I was trying to get the dsl thing going. (it's available in my area, supposedly) so I went from my subscribed 'net to dsl-wannabe, but after two months and phone line repairs (thank goodness for linebacker) it just won't take.
I was still expecting that it would, as they told me it would, but they said "expect another email from us" yadayadayada, it didn't come, and next thing I know I connect and there is a nz toolbar in my tray that takes up half my screen and it's flashing ads in adition to popups everywhere!, and I am greatly offended and irritated.
Call them back, "can't give you dsl so you went to the freebie" "I want at least what I had before!!!" "It will be 24-48 hours" so as the 24-48 went by I used up my 10 hours of free, then got kicked off.
A few days ago (synchronicity at work) I recieved a disc in the mail from peoplepc, and since I still am not connected with nz, I popped that baby in, and am now back on line.
Had peoplepc before, but there was a window or something I didn't like, but who knows, for netzero has lots of stuff I don't like, either.

Deep breath.
The rant is over, and I can now get on with my life.

:) (phew)

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