Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'd like to say that I don't suppose that this path is the Final Frontier.

This is my blog, and these are my thoughts, but for Heaven's Sake, I do not suppose that I am at the very end of the road, and these words/opinions/thoughts are what all humans should strive for.
Do I give that impression?
Do I give the impression that "I know I am Right, and nothing any thinking person has to say will penetrate into my narrow mind and make any difference?"
God, I certainly hope not.

These thoughts are my progression. And sometimes regression. They are thoughts, and supposes, and daydreams, and guesses. And some are strong beliefs, and even convictions. But they are not absolutes - I know well (and accept) that I may feel differently tomorrow.

I love to be engaged in philosophical conversations! I do my best thinking and changing, when someone says, "but if you believe absolutely in xxx, then it squeezes out the joy and enlightenment that yyy brings."

Learning and changing and growing is what I strive to do!
And you receive those life-affirming benefits by being shown a different way.
Never in rigidity.
Always with an open heart.
And mind.... and hand.

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