Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I said yesterday that I was trying to capture something, and couldn't quite get it.
I spent half the day today trying, as well, but my lcd screen isn't working, and my viewfinder is of course in a different position. So my angle was off.
Here is the best I could capture it. Maybe you'll get the idea, maybe not.

This particular thing (besides from obsessing me half the day yesterday and today) is a great distraction to me. Not just this doorway alone but all of the related interesting things in my life that represent charming temptations.
And there are many!
There are the children, and bubbles. And funny happenings throughout the day for which I must fetch the camera. Interesting bugs. Fascinating conversations. Birds and butterflies to admire. Tours of my gardens, with touches, and close-ups, and deep inhalations. Swings to push and pull.

Usually, prior to last month, I'd just sit at the computer for about four days - from about seven in the morning until eleven or later at night. Get-it-done, get-it-done, get-it-done. Deadlines!

I've changed my ways. I start a few days earlier. Or at least, try to. And I leave it for a while when Trev's ready for a turn on the pc. I'm kinder. And more relaxed. And friendlier.
And I finish a day or so later than I'd like. But now it's done.

And now I suppose The Doorway will become a Regular Sort Of Thing again, and lose most of it's enchantment.
But that's a good thing.
Taking the seldom and extraordinary, and drawing it so deeply into your life that it just becomes a part of who you are. Transforming "special" Life Magic into "ordinary" Life Magic.
That's what this unschooling life is about, for me.

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