Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Well, this post almost pains me.
Well... that's not really true.
Maybe I can think of it in an entirely different way, and say this post liberates me!

Been meaning to say a few things about Cartoon Network.
You know how I've gotten over most of my angst, as Trev hasn't chosen to watch hardly any of it at all, lately. And honestly, I fully believe in his freedom, and his right to spend his time as he sees fit. But once in a while the hsMonster gets me, and I compare, and fret, and freak, and develop nervous tics and twitches.
The worst offender is that damned Blue from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
He's pretty much the antithesis of any civilized being, as far as I'm concerned. I find him rude, obnoxious, a bad influence, and pretty damned rotten. On a different note, everytime I'm working on the pc, and I find myself all agitated and worked up, and the tele is getting on my nerves, I look up, and it's Foster's.
Hmmph. Imagine that!

In the name of fairness, and knowing that all things lead to learning, not just the obvious (and who says the obvious will sponsor true learning for certain?) I was trying to find good things that may have come from the dreaded Cartoon Network.
I actually did find a few when I started being open to it.
I wish I had been keeping track of all the marvelous things that come from my son's mouth. It quite astounds me. His vocabulary is amazing. I'd like to take credit for a bit of it, of course, but I suspect it's mostly due to his marathon tele watching a few weeks back.

And then a couple of days ago (the weather gas gotten warm again, thank goodness) we decided to eat lunch outside on the patio.
I get our fare all ready, and we head outside to sit on the morning patio (we have two small patios out back).
Maddie sits, and I place the stuff on the table, and Trev remains standing, and says "Lady's first!".
Blink. "What?"
"Ladies always sit first, and gentlemen stand until all ladies are seated."
I know this bit of gallantry well, for I read many romanticals, you may remember. :)
"Yes, That's true. Thank you so much, Son, that is truly a bit of gallantry, and I certainly appreciate it!"
I'm pondering this bit of gentlemanly behavior, and wondering where on earth he got it. I seriously doubt he just absorbed it through me and osmosis. Do I dare ask, or will I break the spell?
Curiosity got the better of me.
"Um, Son, where did you hear about "Ladies sitting to table first?" (he has showed a leg and bowed and said "ladies first" in procession before, but never this.)
"On Cartoon Network."
(choke) "Aaaah."
Well then. There you have it.
What can I do, but curtsy in response, and flash my prettiest smile?

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