Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Highlights of Today

Well, we saw a hummingbird in our back yard today.
I was sitting here on the pc, and Trev shouts out "Hey, there's a hummingbird!"
We dart to the window - ooh, it's cold out there today- and sure enough, there it is, dashing about. I would have tried to capture it in a picture, but I didn't think there was much sense in that.
But how lovely!

An equally (surpassing!) wondrous occurrence was that I got in touch with three -count 'em, three!- old friends today that I hadn't talked to in ages and ages. One was just through email, but I'm hopeful to hear back from her soon.

Another Good Thing is that we finally got some measurable rain last night and today. The sun is shining now, I spose I'll go outside and check out the green, green grass glowing in the sunshine, and see how my little sprouts are doing.

A happy evening to you.

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