Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is There Anybody Out There?

(I'm a Pink Floyd fan, in case you're wondering.)

I've been wondering if anyone besides me and dh reads my blogs (this one and OLM). My friend Steph piped in and said she does. Hi, Steph! :) I think a couple of The Mama's check in sometimes. They leave me notes occasionally.
The trouble with a blog -or anything, I guess- is that you don't know if anyone even reads it, unless someone leaves you a comment. It doesn't really matter, as it's foremost for myself, my children, and dh.
But one does wonder.
After checking into counters Tuesday night, and messing with a couple that I didn't like, I found a really great service, so I'm passing the info on (as now I know there are a couple of folks who actually visit here! :)!)
It's not a spying sort of thing, but it does tell you how many new visitors, returning visitors, unique visitors, and page loads for the day, week, month, etc, and in real time. Pretty cool!

I didn't want my counters (one for each blog) to be obvious, so I put them way down at the bottom. I may move them, though, since I've now come out of the closet.

How great to know that people actually come here!
Um... welcome!

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