Sunday, May 20, 2007

Magic, Magic Everywhere!

You know, the greatest thing about unschooling - is the magic!

It's so awesome to visit other unschoolers' blogs, and here about all the sparklies in their lives.
Hour-long car rides in the middle of the night to check out a special sort of frog in it's once-a-year migration over highway 241. Tripping over a snake while bird-watching, then going home to look it up to read about what it was doing there, what it eats, how many are in that area, why it has stripes. Long days at the park in the middle of the week. Hearing about children doing extraordinary things - without being told that they are dangerous, or expensive, or "you don't have time for another activity", or "maybe when you're older."

I'm sure there are parents who would go home after a long day of playing in the world with the children who'd be willing to spend an hour online researching a striped snake, but unschoolers Live for that sort of thing. There is always energy and an excitement for such things.
We look for red-eyed grubs. And interesting art materials. And things to be added to an on-going magnet sculpture. Spices that smell funny to be added into concoctions, or secret recipes. Interesting math games. Animals great and small. People great and small. Things that can be put into a glass slide to be viewed under the microscope.
Doesn't usually matter what the label warns. Not because we don't heed any possible danger, but because we know that if a youngster wants to look at a microscope, he shouldn't have to wait until he's seven. And if one is interested in Shakespeare or Egyptians of the Fall of Rome at eight, then he or she should be allowed - encouraged- to do so. Not wait until he's fourteen, when his passions or interests call him to do something else.

I just love reading about all of it!
A good unschooling story not only lets you know what this sort of life looks like and sounds like - but also what it feels like, smells like, and tastes like.

Unschooling is exuberance and enthusiasm for life.
For learning.

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