Friday, May 18, 2007


For some reason I feel compelled to make a few confessions. I think it's because I'm Supposed to be doing other things, and that always pretty much guarantees that I'll try to find a way to do something else. Called Melissia, she's unavailable. Smart girl, I really just was looking to waste her time, anyway.

My neighbor has a decal on her truck that warns "Easily Distracted". I can't claim that one for sure, but I think "often distracted" most definitely applies to me.
Sush as a moment ago when I was staring out this clean window (I did get that much done), waiting for my dial-up connection, captivated by the little chickadee flitting from my neighbor's yard, and into mine, and back to the apple trees next door again.

So as I was hanging laundry on the line, it occurred to me that I might come forth with a true confession, as my mind was wandering, and I am ever eager to be distracted from "have-to's", as I mentioned.
The other day when I posted that picture of my sheets flowing from the clothes line, I was thinking about how my laundry never looks so enchanting as it does on television. You know what I mean, don't you? Those crisp white linens flowing and blowing, or those denim blue jeans that are in assorted colors and sizes.....
or even white towels, complemented every once in a while by one that is butter-soft yellow.
My thought was.... "My laundry never looks like that....." Course, I don't live in a field surrounded by acres and acres of nothing but rolling hills, with no trees, and a magical line that holds up itself into mid-air.
So I was inspired to illustrate my confession with this terribly unromantic bit.
Sigh. So now you know. I might as well be a hillbilly. Complete with a big snoozing dog that takes after the children, and has figured out that I really do believe in others' right to Be Free.
Ha! I can (and often do) even throw in a bottle of moonshine! (Alright, it's not really moonshine, but I liked the idea, and the "jug" certainly looks moonshiney! This particular one is "Honey Wheat" from dh's restaurant. Mmmmmm. Ales and beers, don't you know.)

Did I mention that I am supposed to be getting ready for company? Not just any company, but The Mama's. And not just a playdate, but - a Formal Tea!
White linens, wine, gourmet teas, mimosa's, fancy hats if-you-please, that sort of thing. (Though I don't really expect anyone will be sporting a fancy hat, I don't suppose it's anyone's style besides my own.)
Some of them have never been to my home. So you can imagine that it's quite a big deal. For someone who feels that when Company Is Expected the carpets should be cleaned, drawers should be perfectly straight, walls washed, refrigerator should be spotless and shiny.
I always expect that I'll do things perfectly when expecting Company.
Alas! I hardly ever get it all done.
I think mostly I'll be prepared... if it's as it usually goes I'll be in the shower (after madly scurrying and cleaning) until 5 minutes before it's time, hoping they'll be just a few minutes late.

But as I said... mostly I'll be ready.
'Cept for my carpets. I'm half tempted to tell The Mama's "Don't you dare look down at my chocolate sauce, grape juice, peanut butter, muddy, squished tomatos, play-doh and forgotten popsicles stained carpets!" Course, I realize that bringing attention to such a shameful thing will only add to their transfixment on said want-them-to-be-invisible carpets.
I am in possession of a carpet cleaner, dear reader, -as I am also in possession of reasonable intelligence, but it's not functioning, except for the handtool, and the shop said "Not in time" for the repair. I don't fancy that I'll be finding time between now and then to be a-scrubbing with the upholstery attachment.
But! The backyard - where we're having our Tea- is as good as I can get it.
They are of a like mind, so I'm not expecting censure or condemnation for a few (a lot!) despicous spots on the floor.
Still... it would be nice to have things Just So......

Aaah, I really think my Distracted time has come to its end.
Maddie will surely awaken from her nap any minute, and I have yet lots to do.

I'll let you know how it goes.....

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