Thursday, May 17, 2007

Heart be still....

These three simple things have bestowed upon me a great sense of contentment; it's as if a pleasurable sigh has swept over and through me, leaving me in utter peace, and joy.

They are not especially outstanding happenings, but the beauty in them, for what they promise, or hint at for things to come makes me feel blissful.

The first I spoke of on olm.
It's Trev, drawing. Drawing. And so matter of factly. As if he had done this particular thing a thousand times, and in a thousand different ways.While in the midst of it (he was in deep contemplation, I can tell you) he stops, and thinks about what he is doing, and said with a complaint in his voice "Oh!, I'm just having a hard time -because I can't remember exactly what Daddy looks like."
I found that simple statement statement so beautiful. It was if he couldn't get the magic of Daddy exactly right in his mind - and this was of monumental consequence. After I got out a picture of Daddy, he was quite enthusiastic in his endeavor. He finished by saying that his portrait of himself with his father was "Perfect."
Isn't that beautiful?
How divine that my Son has such confidence and imagination running through his spirit and mind that six circles (after starting over) on one plain piece of paper can be deemed as "Perfect."
Not "this isn't right", or "I can't do it exactly as I wanted", or "I'm not good at this." Instead, it was perfect.
I couldn't agree more.

This next little something is buds from my (newer) lilac bush."Lilacs are done," you say, "It's getting to be the end of May!"
Ah, yes. Ordinarily that would be true. But this is a little something special for me, a pink lilac, that blooms in late spring or early summer. Isn't that a treat? It certainly is for a girl whose favorite flower and scent are lilacs, and who is always left feeling a bit sad that they are in such a hurry to leave.

This last one, aaaah.
Been waiting a while for this one.
Three years, folks.
Do you know what this beauty is?
It is a real, honest-to-Goddess grape leaf!
And it doesn't stand alone. Though this beauty is about two feet off the ground, and it is anteceded by a few more a foot or so later.
About five feet of this glorious vine.
Bought it as a stick about three years ago.
Stayed a stick.
Not a blossom, nor a bloom.
Thought it was dead.
Planted another one a couple of feet away.
Finally! This year I have this glorious leaf that must be six or seven inches across.
No big deal to some of you, I know, who have lucious green grapes growing along your back fence, ready to sample and enjoy at any moment that you choose. But for me, this is at the top of the list.
Like fresh spinach.
Tomatoes with basil and mozzerella.
Strawberries so sweet that your knees buckle when you bite into it.
Warm raspberries right off the cane.
Roses that smell like honeyed wine.

Bliss, I tell you.
Life is good.


Lerend Zonder School said...

I really enjoyed reading this post Stephanie! I love that picture of Trevelyn painting, the light is wonderful. It is great indeed that he deemed his picture "perfect" without judgement. I've had to sort of help Damek reclaim his drawing skills, as he had a cousin say once "all he does is scribble!", and that took the wind from his sails for awhile, and really still sort of does:(


Stephanie said...

Thanks Julie, I really like the picture, too.
For what it means to me as well as the lighting.