Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mama's Day

I have a different attitude about Mother's Day than my mother does.
My mother insists on cards, and presents, and fanfare, and will even go so far as to tell me that I had better hurry up and deliver it to her. Or else.
I gotta tell ya, it sort of takes the love out of it. Well, actually, it pretty much zaps it.
Tomorrow, Sunday, Eric will be going fishing. Now ordinarily, he would not dream of abandoning me on this Holy day, but last week he skipped fishing, and Monday I'm at work in the office all day, so he cannot go then, instead he'll be home with the babes.
He goes with my sincere blessing.
So today while at work I snuck out to go shopping for some supplies to keep me busy outside in my glorious Mama World tomorrow. I bought some annuals. And perennials. And some small bark for lining the dog's trail around our yard. (Being a gardener with dogs, I've discovered that if you don't leave a trail at the border of your property, they'll just make one as they see fit.)
Anyway. Another stop tonight when I pick up my scrumptious babes from Grammies, and I'll be all set for tomorrow.
I'll no doubt be wearing an old tank top and a pair of shorts, and not one of the lovely dresses and sunhats that seem to be a requirement for true female gardeners.
My bare knees will be caked with mud, and probably stained for a couple of days.
I'll break a few more fingernails.
I'll be rising out of the dirt to swing Maddie every 72 seconds.
Trev will be asking me if I've found any more worms, and warning me of encroaching spiders and centipedes.
I'll probably gripe at the dog for drinking all the water out of the bird bath, again.
And every moment will be perfect.
I'll be drinking iced tea all throughout the day (probably go through a gallon, half of the glasses will get knocked over by someone, or I'll find bugs in it that I just can't forget about), then sometime in mid-afternoon I'll think "Oh, a glass of cold beer would be lovely." And I'll get it and put it on the treestump that sits in the middle of my fairy garden.
I'll work (play) outside all day, and forget about my messy house, because it's Mama's Day.
I'll be thinking about the barbecue we'll be doing when Eric gets home.
In every moment I'll try to be extra kind and patient with my children, because it's Mama's Day.
And I'll be thinking about the ways I get to celebrate my life each day, simply by enjoying and recognizing the magic that is given to me, just because I'm the Mama.

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