Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama's Day

Here's to all the Mama's in my life - each of them have contributed, in part, to the mother I am, and have greatly influenced who I hope to become.

Mine own Mother - my very first and Most Important Mama. I love you.
Sam - my first close-up (while in adulthood) of what a good Mama looks like in real life.
Kim - the first Mama in my family - you sailed above, and are a great example to the rest of us.
Robyn - who wanted a different way, and made sure she provided it.
Michele - My Belle - a superb Mama who is absolutely the coolest one for miles and miles.
Debbie- who was always called "Mama" by those that loved her.
Jen - who makes me feel like it will all turn out alright.
Shannon - who is gentle and sweet, and funny - all the makings of a wonderful Mama.
Julie - whose gentleness and caring for children shines from ten thousand miles away.
Travis - who takes parenting seriously, and shows us by example what we should be doing.
Teri - who I have long thought of as the Fairy Queen Mother.
LeeAnn - who is the mortal Queen Mother, her way is ever gentleness.
Rebecca - who knows what good mamahood is about, and gets right to it.
Sarah - who shines by example, and never takes things too seriously.
Alyssa - who is tireless and dedicated, and who is going to leave this world in a better place.
Aubrey - who is who sunshiney and fun-loving, and who gives me hope for the mama's of tomorrow.
Stephanie - who throws her arms wide, willing to accept and learn from everything around her - you inspire me.
And finally Melissia -hi honey!- who inspires and conspires, whines and shines, slays me and saves me. I'm so glad I have you, your wit, wisdom, and candor are invaluable to me.

Much love to all of you - I hope you felt appreciated and adored today.
Blessings, Steph

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Lerend Zonder School said...

Your very sweet Stephanie! Happy Mother's Day to you as well:)