Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I'm sorry to say that I wasn't very pleasant on Mother's Day, I was just grumpy all day, not sure why. (It wasn't because Eric ditched me - he actually stayed home all day.)
But I'm much better, now!

Here are some things that I was able to appreciate...

This flower (my first rose of the season) was so Impossibly Pink, that it kept catching my eye from across my backyard. I also think of it as "Grandma's Lipstick".

This Mama Spider was carrying her eggs to safety on Sunday afternoon. I hope she found the perfect shelter.

This beautiful bouquet. In its natural environment.

I also worked on the Fairy Garden for a bit. I call it that, but really it's for the fey, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Many well-loved plants reside in this small area. This little building toward the right is The Toadstool Inn, and there is a sign near the door that says "Happy Hour Every Night".
Soon the foxgloves and lobelia and flax will be grown in, and it will be magnificent.Sometimes I think of hanging out there, laughing and playing with the fairies, snails, and frogs... stepping on the deliciously soft Irish Moss (that leads to the inn's entrance), playing hide and seek in the tall stones, climbing the yarrow, dipping in the (large shell) pool.... all in all just rollicking and frollicking. Isn't that silly?

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Melissia said...

Not it is not silly :) Look at Maddie she is so big.