Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And One for The Gods

Been outside all day. Fertilized and mulched the herb garden.
Finished up the ColorBowl, which is what I call one of my areas. It's not much now, but soon it will be so lively and vibrant and colorful that it will make your eyes water.
After referring to Scott Cunningham's book (mine is split in half, it's so well-used) to see what plants I might have that are suitable for an eastern altar-and that find my climate and I agreeable- I started on my east garden today. I found some baby sage plants in my herb garden, transplanted some mint, and will add some things that are pleasing to our airborn (air is the element for east) friends - hollyhocks, foxglove, some snaps, and whatever else seems to want to be added.
I wanted a stepping stone for standing on, and I'll probably still make one, but today I found these wood discs that were made by Lee when he was trimming the stump to exactly where I said I'd like it. (I had requested a certain height so I could place a candle and my book, and read it easily while it was dark out.)
I placed a cement slab under the stone for added support, as the wood is really thin.
I must say, it's perfect! The Perfect Position for summoning and proclaiming and practicing magick.
I'm so pleased.
The garden is just beginning, so I'll keep you posted on the progress.
In the furthest back (by the tree stump) are some hollyhocks I grew from seed. They'll not be particularly impressive this year, but I'm hoping that next year this garden will be grand indeed.
I thought it would be prudent to be surrounded by sage (wisdom) while practicing, so I planted some at north, west, and south of my standing position.

Don't mean to bore you.
Just pleased with the day's achievements.

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