Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For The Record (On Religion)

I don't imagine that most people would be even remotely interested in this post, this is mainly for friends and family who might be wondering "What the hell?" or "Uh, what does she mean by that?" Others can just skip right over it!

So here it is, in Plain Language.

I am not religious. I don't like being told what to believe. I've never accepted another's truth as my own. Not in its entirety, anyway.
I tend to take things bit by bit, and ponder them for a while, and consider what it might mean to me and my Personal Truth.
I don't consider myself a pagan, though I observe pagan holidays. I might even be extremely cheeky here, and say that almost all of us do!
I consider myself part witch.
I practice magick.
sidenote: to educate any who are not familiar with this idea - magic with a "c" is considered "sleight of hand", magick with a "k" is considered of The Craft.

I absolutely believe in The Craft.
First, I'd like to say this in no way has anything to do with the devil (I have a hard time even stating such a ridiculous, obvious thing.)
Only Christians and Jews believe in the devil. Almost all other religions of the world do not.

The Craft to me is about magick, eloquence, communing with Nature, resonating, adapting, flowing, and learning.
Practicing magick is for me a way to remind myself - attune myself- with the forces and energy around me, and focusing my thoughts and will in a particular direction, or toward a particular thing.
another sidenote: The wiccan (The Craft religion) rede is "And harm ye none, do as ye will." This means harm to no things. Not plants, not animals, not people, no thing. Wiccans also believe that whatever you do, good or bad, will come back on you three times. This belief, of course, is held by many religions of the world.

I've been studying The Craft informally since I was about 16, though I didn't know it. I've been seriously studying it as a religion for seven or eight years. I read cards, I study stones, I like herb lore, I believe that we are often responsible for making our bodies ill or strong, I meditate, I believe in reincarnation, karma, manifesting (as Jesus did) out of thin air, thinking on alpha, beta, and theta levels, consciousness, and harmonizing with nature.
Magick, then, for me, is just a way of focusing these practices in one direction (along with the fun sparkly stuff!).

However, even though I practice, I don't consider myself Pagan, as that bespeaks of religion, and worship, and that's not something I am comfortable with.
It just doesn't ring true for who I am.
I believe in God, but it's a sort of "The Force" sort of God. It's everything. It's in everything. It's the energy that binds us - indeed, the Universe- together.

I don't believe in a judging, condemning God.
I believe that God in His Wisdom, and absolute Love for Her children, would never condemn one of those beloved children to an eternity of damnation.
I also believe that upon dying we come into a state of Knowing. In this Knowing, there is absolute wisdom. Can you imaging being in this state, and not being regretful of the atrocities that you had committed against others while in this life? I can't imagine that anything that anyone else said to me could be of a greater pain to my soul. Even a judging thought is an unkind act, and an offense to mankind.
Pointing a finger at me and damning me is certainly going to be a pittance to the contempt and disappointment that I feel at my Self.
There is no need to be judged by another.

So! There you have it.
I believe in not harming things. Bugs, animals, people, Mother Earth.
I believe in reincarnation.
I believe in the power of thought.
I believe the soul's purpose is to live, so that God may know and realize itself.
I believe that all things are possible, as Jesus said, "Even the least among you can do all that I have done, and even greater things."
It is my aim in this life to do such wondrous things.
I believe we come to completion when we accept in full that We Are All One.
I believe in Jesus.
I believe in Buddha.
I believe in Mother Theresa.
I believe in Gandhi.
I believe in shamans.
I believe in Medicine Men.
I believe in Wise Women.
And the wisdom of the Man On the Street Corner.
I believe in Peace.
I believe in Love.
And I believe in Magick.

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