Saturday, June 16, 2007

Disclaimer - sort of.

here's the thing.
I truly believe that God, and all those that are "above" us - I mean this in a perhaps physical sense as well as sort of higher up on the food chain- have a really grand sense of humor.
I remember a religious friend mentioning last year getting a Play-Mobile Nativity set for her children two Christmases ago.
She mentioned being a bit chagrined - but laughing, too - that her child was taking the head off of baby Jesus, and tossing him around, and Mary wasn't being treated with reverence, etc.
My thoughts on it - and I expressed them to her - were, "Well, the good news is that Jesus wouldn't even be slightly offended at such treatment. He'd think it were just precious child's play."
This is where I'm coming from for those of you who might be offended with my last post(s).
I just really believe that God et al has a Marvelous sense of humor.
How can we be anything greater than God?
Better parents, more loving, more caring, more forgiving, etc.
Whatever I am, or manage to be, I figure those that have it dialed (are perfect) are far moreso than I.
So I say God is a jolly old chap, who understands me, and can laugh at a good joke.

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