Saturday, June 16, 2007

DP Follow Up

My husband had no idea where I was going with that post, so I guess I had better hurry up and explain.

I was feeling rather attached to our general goings on.
My attachments looked like "my children aren't reading anything." "cartoon network games? can't you at least play one of these great educational games?" and "the tramp, again? how about tangram blocks, instead."

This right after, Dear Friends, indeed - the very same day!, that I wrote about how fulfilling unschooling is! I am a jack-ass, in case you haven't noticed. (who loves the word jack-ass entirely too much.)

Attached was I. To stupid things.
To something that didn't suit me. Didn't fit me. Didn't serve me well. Was heavy and irritating to lug around. Much like - you've guessed it! A Detachable P.

God has a Grand Sense Of Humor, to my mind, and gave me the song Detachable P to ponder.
And ponder, I did.

With very liberating results.
I am happy to say that I have rented out DP, I am only hoping whomever was in need of it extends their lease, and doesn't return it early.
I certainly will not miss it.

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