Monday, June 11, 2007

Poisonwood Bible

Was drifting through unschoolers blogs this morning and I ran into Barn-Raising again.
I've visited before. I like the blog.
Turns out, she got Poisonwood Bible, too, and she was quite pleased.
Said it's one of her favorite books by a favorite author.
Said being a Belgian Waffle meant that she's all full of deliciousness and goodness and love; and not fluff, as I saw it.
My goodness.
Maybe I'm okay.
Says to me that someone we all know (ahem) might have been a touch defensive.
Thanks Madeline.


Madeline said...

I can not tell you how excited I am that you have led me to yout blog(s) and have mentioned mine. Now that I see it, I love your blog. If you read the book you'de realize how little the accusations of insanity, fickleness and of being a religious zealot matter. Terrible accusations. I agree. But interesting! Like us. And a real Belgian waffle is TRULY nothing like the ones at breafast houses here in the US. It is perfection. A real compliment.

Stephanie said...

Well, then!
I thank you sincerely, Dear Sister of the Heart.
I certianly appreciate the information.
I shall from this day forward hold my head high, thinking that I am a Belgian Waffle - a wondrous and superb creation!
Thanks for the kind words.