Friday, June 29, 2007


Hi everyone!
Things have been mighty irritating around here.

I got the new notebook. Thank God - because my damned desktop bit it! It started wheezing and snorting and refusing to cooperate like the day before, if I remember right.
I thought at first it was my fan's failure, so my machine was overheating, because the first time after I left it off for a couple of hours it started back up. Then it started up again, but this last time it's been a full 24 hours, and no loading up.

So get this - the night I recieved my notebook via UPS, I put a password on it so Trev wouldn't tear into it while I was sleeping- I haven't had time to show him how it works, yet.
The next morning, I typed in my password - my serious same-old password, and it didn't work! I had typo'd my password and the verefication!
:0 !
What the hell do I do now?!? I wondered. Didn't make a backup, as it's the same one I use for my more serious stuff.
Let me tell you how long that took me to happen across the very same typo. I misplaced my hands on the keys in a hundred different positions, mixed up common letters, (for instance 'teh' or 'nad' for and, I do that a lot), etc.
I was really starting to despair, when finally I got it. It was only one letter off.
God! What a relief that was (and pretty lucky, too).

So no sooner did I straighten out that mess, and went to add my camera software into the new notebook, and found my dear friend Little Canon dead!
Dead, folks. My right hand! One of my truest friends. It's not the battery.

In the meantime, my desktop works then doesn't work, and I put (at least I thought) some important documents onto a cd. Well, that was the last time I managed to get into it.
Since then, it's refused to work at all.
C0uld be the processor. Could be the hard drive. I've been too busy to have the time to mess with that (on top of all my other stuff), too.

The good news is that little notebook is cooperating, (after some tweaking), and I was able to get most of my stuff done for bc.

Anyway. So that's where I've been.
Started this note three days ago, and just now publishing it.
Didn't I say in 103 Things that I wanted to have two "up and running"?, and not just that "I want a laptop?" I sure hope so!

Been trying to figure out what it means to me (karmically) that two Very Important (communicating) machines died in the same day!
I'm not feeling especially 'cut off' simply because I did recieve the notebook in a very timely manner.

But still doing some soul searching about that one (the Why of it)....

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