Sunday, November 09, 2008

103 Things in 861 Days (Updated)

1) Delve further into my studies of Reiki.*

2 Get up before dawn at least 13 times.

3) Make bread.

4) Utilize my how-to sketch books for beginners.

5) Paint in a field with watercolors.

6) Go to the drive-inn at least once every summer.

7) Implement Steps From Home.

8) Consciously make my children smile or laugh every day for a week.

9) Go on 7 dates with my husband.

10) Can something.

11) Wildcraft a few seeds from nature to bring home.

12) Go through my herbs and update them every year.

13) Learn about what neighbors are growing, and find out if they'll trade.

14) Find out if I'm zoned for chickens.

16) Celebrate an esbat once in a while.

17) Clean out a drawer or a closet once a month.

18) Keep up on the blogs. (so far so good)

19) Find out what's grown organically in my area, and how I can access it.

20) Go on family bike rides (as soon as I get a new bike).

21) Attend an outdoor symphony.*

22) Make fitness on all levels a priority for one month.

23) Make fitness on all levels a priority for two months.

24) Practice yoga three times a week for two weeks.

25) Practice yoga three times a week for a month.

26) Visit all nature parks closeby this summer.

27) Find a place nearby to catch/study frogs.

28) Start the Our Lives collage on our blank (indoor) brick wall.*

29) Go on a family hike once a month when the season permits.

30) See and study an art exhibit.*

31) Spend a Saturday night after the concert up at The Canyons resort.

32) Drive to the coast.

33) Finish painting the kitchen.

34) Make homemade cinnamon rolls.

35) Make pretzels.

36) Do a random act of kindness once every month for a year.

37) Buy someone in need a healthy lunch.

38) Ask the children every day for two weeks if they would like a story.

39) Swap the curtain in the front room.

40) Read Conversations With God again - Book One

41) Read Conversations With God Book Two.

42) Read Conversations With God Book Three.

43) Sleep out on the trampoline.

44) Ride down a lazy river on intertubes with the children.

45) Get a butterfly habitat to study.

46) Purchase a telescope.

47) Drive far out of the city one evening just to look at stars.

48) Have a celebration for my child when he/she accomplishes something that means a great deal to him/her.

49) Plant 6 native plants in my yard.

50) Sign up for the Blue Sky program.

51) Use absolutely no lights during daylight hours for three days.

52) Use absolutely no lights during daylight hours for one week.

53) Attend my gardens lovingly and intentionally every day for a week.

54) Attend my gardens lovingly and intentionally every day for two weeks.

55) Check into reopening The Children's Garden at Liberty Park.

56) Do a cartwheel without hurting myself.

57) Shout out loudly "Fire in the hole!"

58) Eat a 100 Mile Diet for one week.

59) Eat a 100 Mile Diet for two weeks.

60) Consume only fresh fruits and veggies once a fortnight for two months.

61) Live for one week without shouting in anger or frustration (all joyful whoops are allowed.)

62) Say yes to all requests for two days (this does not include what might be felt as an infringment upon personal freedom.)

63) Be kind while driving for three successive days. (no drive days don't count!)

64) Get the blogs into the blurb pages for publishing.

65) Throw a Samhain/Halloween Party.

66) Throw Midsummer's Eve Party.

67) Do three magickal things every day for a week.

68) Go with my mother to feed the homeless.

69) Attend a bluegrass festival.

70) Do one thing every day for a week that has been bugging me (such as grooming a rosebush or cleaning a shelf).

71) Have two working computers (a laptop would be nice!)

72) Visit somewhere either really far away or really, really cool.

73) Call all loved ones on their birthday for the whole year.

74) Make a Rain Circle with a group of children (and adults).

75) Form a sisterhood/magic circle with friends - adapting it to fit our needs exactly.

76) Shout out "Wa-hoo!" in glee and utter abandon.

77) Take a picture of something that I've drawn and share it on this blog. (whewf, that's a big one.)

78) Make handmade bar soap.

79) Attend the opera.

80) Become friends with little S3.

81) Learn about aperture and speed. (sigh)

82) Take a few fabulous pictures.

83) Live only love for an entire day.

84) Live only love for two days.

85) Put my spices in the kitchen into pretty jars.

86) Paint the trim on the house.

87) After doing Gratitude Posts for 30 days, I'd like to include things I'm grateful for in my regular daily posts - ie, think gratitude.

88) Begin the timeline.

89) Start on my Mother's Quilt (this will be a gift to myself comprised of scraps of my favorites of my babes clothes - dresses, jumpers, and t-shirts.

90) Make art smocks for the children out of the left over scraps of my mother's quilt.

91) Make a smock or apron for myself.

92) Put my recipes into a notebook binder.

93) Read a dozen classics. Finished: "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens,

94) Establish a steady meditation practice.

95) Live for three days (#61) without shouting in frustration or anger - all joyful whoops are allowed! (I'd really like to check this one off - lots of times - so I'm starting with baby steps at three days - thankyouverymuch.) Uh - and this includes, of course, shouting "Annabelle!!" and "Noooooo," in a fatalistic, end-of-the-world sort of way.

96) Have brunch and take in an afternoon classical music concert with friends.

97) Finish writing this dang list!!

98) Do a "15 days of Happiness" post series - look for something every day for 15 days that makes me smile or feel happy.

99) Use up a canvas - with oil paints.


* These things were ideas from, or inspired by Sally


Aubrey said...

How fantastic. Sounds to me that you will be up to a lot of fun stuff the next few years.


Ren said...

I LOVE it!
Just found out I'm not zoned for chickens goldarnit. That's off my to-do list, but finding property is now on my list. ha!

Laura said...

This is a very cool idea. I've done it with the kids (the boredom list), but not myself. I tend to keep the ideas in my head where, of course, they scatter like seeds in the wind. :) I'm supposed to be writing press releases for our community theatre right now, but instead I'm reading your blog and dreaming up my list (which if I know what's good for me, best include writing PR....!!).

whimsigal said...

can i make a request for #77?


I have to agree with Laura, this list is a very cool idea!


Life With Us said...

Hi~ I might just have to copy this one !I love it! I also loved the Haunted House from OLM!