Saturday, November 08, 2008

clean! (or) A (maybe even fabulous) Date With My Self

Let's do it.

easy enough. check.

oof. okay. check.

woops. check.

wooden awning/valance thing above kitchen window?
huh. 'kay- check.

walls around window?

window glass?
window sill?
including watering plants?

alright -- pictures.
including the wooden frames, the glass, and the back sides (where all the dust and cobwebs are.)

walls behind pictures.
yes, that too - check!

rest of walls - we can't have only spots clean...
check. with extra attention to baseboards! ha!

Oh my.... I'm feeling better already.....

here's a big one for you, ready?
spice cupboard!
oof. [several minutes later.] check. but let's move outta the kitchen for a bit.
fine. how 'bout the livingroom?
perfect. I'm on it. I'll do the Learning Cupboard, too (our nickname for the cupboard in our entertainment center where we keep the favorites of the day - books, dominoes, library videos, cootie game, etc).....
Well, if you're gonna do that, you may as well clean behind the entertainment cabinet, under the couch (don't be afraid, it hasn't been very long since you've cleaned under there), the pictures, and the windows, too. And maybe you should throw the couch cushion covers in the laundry. Just for fun.
[groan.] Okay.
But first - hang the kitchen curtains back up, they're done out of the wash....
Yay! Way to cheer me up! Fresh white linens hangin' in a sparkly clean window....
I thought you might like that.
check. check, check.

wow, it's only 2:20? Amazing what you can get done -when dh is home- and you start at 7!

check, and...... check!

Behind the tv? (I've witnessed that thick inch of dust accumulating on the back, where you can't reach)
Backs of picture frames?
Dusty wall behind them?
[Gasp!] How suspicious you are! You should know better than that. Of course I did! And the baseboards, and the walls, and the back of the entertainment center. [prim sniff]
Hmmph your Own self.

Oh, my. Would you look at that. That glorious early evening sun shining on all that clean....No, no, no! No , stopping to cry! There's still much to do......

[scurry, scurry]
much later......
Ha! [impudent curtsy] There! 'Tis done. The livingroom -and everything in it- is done! Over, under, beside, throughout, and between.
You look awfully pleased with yourself.
[small giggle] Yes, Madam. I am!
Did you notice your husband left for work an hour ago? Don't forget the children's dinner.
Uh... why don't You cook!?!
Very funny...
I thought so.
You're quite mad, you know.
Psht. Look who you're talking to!

And there you have it. In this house, it's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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