Sunday, November 09, 2008

crossing them off!

Well, I have less than a year now to get these deeds done.
I'd best hurry!

I've just updated, and here are the things I was able to cross off:

#6: Go the drive-in at least once every summer. We've been the last three, now, and love it, so I can cross this one off - it's not likely that we'll forget next summer. It's become something we love to do.

#7: Find out if I'm zoned for chickens. I'm pretty sure we are, but I don't think I can do it. At least until the children are done with the swingset and trampoline. And by then we'll want a big pool. So probably not. I'm crossing it off.

#26: Visit all nature parks close by this summer. Done!

#27 Find a nearby place to study/catch frogs. Done!

#47: Drive far out of the city one evening just to look at stars. Yes. We did that when we were out in The Great Basin National Park area.

#55: Check into reopening The Children's Garden at Liberty Park. They've taken it out. No dice.

In process:

#51: Use absolutely no lights during daylight hours for three days. I can't tell you how many times we've tried this one! :) But yesterday I made it known - no lights! And Trevelyn said "But we never have lights on during the day." And I said "Sometimes people (Daddy in the kitchen and Maddie in the bathroom) turn them on - we're having none of that today!" And I am pleased to say that it worked.

#92: Put my recipes into a notebook binder. That's started.

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