Sunday, November 09, 2008

15 Days of Happiness: Day One

In the name of my "15 days of Happiness" post series, I want to begin with yesterday.

The idea of the series is to write about something that brings happiness - in whatever form is needed and provided in the moment.
Sometimes happiness comes in a kiss from a tot when you need it most. Sometimes it comes barreling in exuberantly. Sometimes it's a nosegay, and sometimes it's a good laugh.

Last year when I wrote Gratitude posts for a month, I loved it. It was a joy to look for things to be grateful for for an entire month. So in the name of Joy and Happiness, I'll begin the "15 Days".

I already wrote about yesterday, and while it was a fun and silly way to spend the day - voracious scrubbing and light-hearted note-keeping - it really was a great day!

There were no pressures to get lots done by any time frame, no sense of doom about it, the whole day was totally stress-free and light-hearted.
When the couch linens were done, and the early evening sun was lighting up streaks in my livingroom, I had such a feeling of joy.
It's like seeing a polished dark wood floor with sun-streaks on it, and seeing dust dance in the stream. You know? Beautiful. All the better if there is a child there, lying in the sun, reading or doing a puzzle. Happiness.

Anyway - yesterday was full of those sorts of moments for me.

Seeing the children animated by the things they were pulling out of the Learning Cabinet - never mind that they have access to these things all the time (generally we keep them downstairs in the rumpus room). They were excited about their discoveries.
And they were discoveries - experimented, weighed, poked, and stretched. Truly explorations.

When I saw the sun streaking the couch, and remembered that I had a few last roses outside growing, I grabbed my scissors and ran to fetch them.

A fabulously clean room, one that sparkles with good cheer and light, is enough to make me very, very happy.
Here's to Joy!

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