Friday, July 27, 2007


Read Conversations With God, Book II.

Today's wisdom is (quoted from the book by Neale Donald Walsch.)
God speaking to Neale:

"First of all, it is not yours to judge what is a life wasted. Is a life wasted if a person does nothing but lie around thinking of poetry for 70 years, then comes up with a single sonnet which opens a door of understanding and insight for thousands of people? Is a life wasted if a person lies, cheats, schemes, damages, maniplates, and hurts others all his life, but then remembers something of his true nature as a result of it-remembers, perhaps, something he has been spending lifetimes trying to remember-and thus evolves, at last, to the Next Level? Is that life "wasted"?
It is not for you to judge the journey of another's soul. It is for you to decide who YOU are, not who another has been or has failed to be."

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