Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crystal Lake

Oh, I wish you could see this beautiful place.
We didn't make it up to the fossil area, but instead came back to the place we were a few weeks ago in the Uinta's. I wish you could see it. And hear it.
I went to the car a few minutes ago to get our homemade insect repellant, as the mosquitos are out.
On the way to the this lake there are a couple of little ponds on the other side of the trail, and last time you may recall that there were spikes in the water, rising up, and promising to be lily pads after a bit of encouragement and time.
So I went to see how they were coming along.
I can't express to you how glorious it was.
There was a late afternoon sun shimmering on it in spots, and a vivid reflection on the water. It was even being tended to by a huge dragonfly.
Some of you may be very familiar with ponds and lily pads, but I saw my first ones in my early twenties, and was utterly enchanted by them.
The ones today are boasting huge leaves, and a few of the more ambitious ones are already bursting open their glorious flowers.
I couldn't linger as long as I would have liked, as my family was expecting me.
So I carried on, not on the trail (as I had gotten off the trail to seek out the pond), and eventually I started wondering how many different species of wild flowers are in this amazing place.
I started picking them so that I could keep track. As of this moment, I have collected (in as friendly a manner as I could) an even dozen, and this does not include the beautiful, colorful grasses.
Right after I started collecting, I looked up and about twenty feet away was a doe. "Oh!" I said, as she quite surprised me, of course.
What did she do, but look right at me, squat to take care of her business, and then resume eating. "Hello." I said, thrilled that she hadn't run off. (I've always had a very sincere and deep desire to be Snow White, and have all the forest animals consider me their friend.)
"You have a lovely home," I told her.
She started sauntering off, and I finished up my errand.
So now I am sitting here, trying to capture the serenity and glory of this place, and am making plans to return the first weekend after I get my new camera.
Eric is fishing, Maddie is being a Bog Baby again, and Trev is walking around barefoot between his Dad and I.
Annabelle is running around, shaking the earth, and once in a while she'll be tempted to stop and visit by the chattering chipmunk or squirrel, whichever he is. I have yet to see him.
The sun has now gone down over the mountain, and it's getting bit too cool for a wet and muddy baby.
Trev wants me to take him back by the lily pads, to show him where I saw my deer friend.
So I s'pose it's time for me to go.
Hope you found beauty in your day, too.


Lerend Zonder School said...

Sounds lovely Steph! I love the Uintah's, and we usually go camping there atleast once a year. The bugs seem to keep us from going there more, as we have been eaten alive there before:)

Kim said...

Wow, what a lovely description...I almost saw this wondeful place. God has certainly created a marvelous and beautiful dwelling for us. I miss the beauty of the west......but I love the east, too.