Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny (well, before the sadness, anyway.)

My friend Evie made me laugh with a comment that she made today, and I wanted to share my hilarity....
She was talking about living an ru life, and family not understanding....

" know how hard it is..... when family members aren't understanding what it is we're doing (or undoing as the case may be). "

Lord, ain't that the truth?
Undoing, for sure.

On a more somber note, 'tis the whole reason I've chosen this life for my children, I want them to have a much easier and confident time of it.... hopefully they'll come through childhood sans neurosis and violent tendencies.
Sort of a jumpstart, if you will.

Many of us spend our adult lives undoing the damage. Or else we drink too much, or look for love in all the wrong places, or connect with people that are really harmful to our spirits, or sabotage ourselves in a thousand ways.

Undoing, indeed.

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