Saturday, July 07, 2007

Getting back my hands....

My Dearest Darling Papa is sending me his only-a-year-old Canon S3 IS (rated among best in class for compacts) soon, so along with it I will be given back my hands.
He was going to surprise me with it, until I called him to ask him what I could get right away for about $200, then he was forced to ruin his surprise!
A marvelously generous gesture.... but methinks Dear Papa is also looking for an excuse to buy a new "throw around" camera. (Someday I"ll be asking him to pass along his professional ones, but I'm not yet ready for that.)
This one puts my great (but now dead) little G2 to shame.
an amazing built-in tele lens of 432mm! woohoo!
Oh, it also shoots (evidently) high-quality video, so that might be fun.
I'm so thrilled.
My dad is just waiting for my brother to return it (he borrowed it a few days ago) and then it will be on its way.
I spose I should actually learn to use it...

Now I gotta go investigate what's up with my desktop....

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