Saturday, July 07, 2007

Picture Perfect Moments of Summertime (sans camera)

My Mom told me the other day of a tale of a young guy on a little motorized scooter. (I have a Devo sort of thing going in my head.) He's little, and apparently nerdy. He's helmeted. Perhaps at the insistence of his Mother?
Anyway, I forget the particulars, if they were first stopped a light, or what, but eventually it happened that this Little Dude on his Mosquito Sized Scooter ends up driving among two Most Burly Bikers - Older, long hair, the real thing, folks, and not your Yuppie Pretenders- on their bad-ass Harleys.
What does Mosquito Boy do when he finds himself flanked on either side by these two Hell's Angels, kicking his ass in by the sheer decibels of their altered mufflers?
Why, what could the boy do, but Enjoy The Moment - which was apparent by his enormous ear-t0-ear grin.
-Well, then. I admire your pluck and humor. Onward, friend.

Yesterday while putting a couple of bucks in at a foreign gas station (I am pretty dedicated to my local neighborhood station) my tank (it's too damned hot to risk running out of gas and having to walk with the children) I saw this man -older and gray-haired- saunter into the gas station. I won't say he's stumbling, but he was only a hair's breath away. Not wearing a shirt. Looked a bit hot. It was about 103 degrees at the time. All of us looked hot.
About a minute later (my automatic transaction was now over) he comes back out carrying a little brown bag.
'Bet I can guess.
No air conditioning. Or not much of one, anyway. Hot summer's day. Sittin' in your gold or avocado colored LazyBoy left over from 1971.
One (more) cold beer should do it.
-Well then, "Onward, friend."

Stopped at a light (same few minutes) and I hear this delighted (and delightful!) laughter.
It makes me smile, and I look around to see who is so enjoying their moment. Seems it's a girl. She's young. She's dressed in a little tiny (it's too damned hot for anything else) skirt, and a tank top, talking to an older (but he looks pretty hip) man. He seems to be engaging, and she appears to be thoroughly enjoying the conversation.
They're certainly a mismatched pair, I can't imagine that they've known eachother other for longer than their arrival at the corner.
I could be wrong, of course.
But it's hot.
And it's Summer Time.
And the world's stand-offishness and reservations seems to have flown with their button-down collars.
We all seem to be more pervious to the sun's and our fellow man's ways.
Letting the light in.
Vulnerable to our surroundings.
Letting the marvelous and blessed breeze move our minds and hearts where it might.
So I say again, with a smile "Onward, friends."

At this moment the skies are dark, and if weren't so damned hot I'd be hoping for a summer's storm.
There aren't too many things I like better than splashing and kicking in the gutters during a rain storm.
I seem to remember a quick spell about
"Rain, rain, come again.
Take this water from my hand,
And help to heal this dry land."
Maybe I'll do just that.

Some marvelous Moments Of Summer.
Hope you're having some of your own.
Well then. Onward, Friends.

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