Friday, August 10, 2007

Caught Thinking Big (With a Funny Ending)

So I've been on this clean tangent, not because I am a freak, but because it seems that everything has gotten so out of control while I was busy playing and laughing with my children. (Shame on me!)
I'd not trade the moments, of course, but being super fond of organization, it catches up to me when I'm not looking, and all of a sudden I just freak out, and go around throwing things and yelling, and in general appearing as an insane madwoman to my children and husband.
Not a pretty sight!

That being said, there have been several things building up that have made me shudder through to my very soul, loooong past the nerves - which have been practically on the outside of my skin lately.
One of them is my carpet. (I've had a couple of moments where I've seriously considered ripping it out during a fit. I confessed it to Eric, and he said "I'd not be surprised.") I've told you of its despiciousness. Along with a couple of dark puddles (I know what they aren't - pee, but I don't know what they are) there are the many popsicle stains, squished raspberries, chocolate splatters, many squished little tomatoes, and the newest atrocity - black acrylics - you know - like the lovely pastels, except they're oil, and like a beautiful soft crayon. Love them! Not so crazy about them being used to draw on the carpet.
So... carpet has become rather gruesomely sticky lately. Not too many things worse than a sticky carpet to someone who likes things really clean, and fresh, breezy mojo going around.
So. Yucky carpet.
Laundry from here to high water. Really. It's been a bihihihig problem around here for about a month (two?).
Not like those folks you see on tv... with the laundry and garbage everywhere... though it seems like it at times.... but still, at any time probably five loads that need to be folded. Imperative stuff. Shorts, socks, underwear, sift, sift, sift through anytime you need something - now where does the clean end and the dirty begin is the real question. Not fun.
So yesterday I tackled the laundry - took me from about two - and I was still going at it at 10pm. (said I was gonna do 10 loads. You thought I was kidding, but I wasn't. You are getting all the dirt today... 2 tons of it, in fact!)
I am happy to say that the laundry sitch is under control.
Along that vein... the children's sometimes pallette (mostly they end up in our bed) needed to be washed. They sleep next to our bed upon two king-sized sleeping bags, which are our camping bags, and have not been washed due to their huge size in about two -or more- years.
Today, by Jove, I was taking them to the laundromat!
And did.

There is a problem with one of my closets. It's in the master bath (eric's bathroom) and it's a closet that houses shelves, so it holds mine and his foldables... tshirts, capilenes, jeans, long johns, shorts, my tanks, etc.
It has been probably three years since I've cleaned it out and straighten it. Today I had plans to chuck many of the clothes straightaway into the garbage. It holds mostly camping clothes for me... you know... those things that were favorites nine years ago that I can't bear to let go of.
A serious project. But I am determined.

Walk in the livingroom. See the marks on the carpet. By God, I am taking in that damned carpet shampooer today (to the repair shop)! And did so.
Came home from doing that and visiting the grocer, and then started on the stains in the carpet with a nylon heavy-duty brush and the wonder of all wonder-cleaners, Advanage. (love that stuff! A young man sold it to me last night... I've been a fan for several years, so I said "sign me up!" Citrus, of course.)

Into the kitchen. Oh yeah. Dishwasher. Dishwasher is clogged. Don't know how... we never put anything in there, and it has its own disposal, but there is three inches of water standing in the bottom of it, the cycle is over, and we canna wash dishes in there until it's fixed.
Things like that are usually my department. For a variety of reasons.
(sigh) "Fine. May as well do this one too." Start on it. Trev comes in. Can I help? (grrr) No, Bud, I'm grouchy.... Okay, you can help." "Uhn, me too!" (Insert Lurch style groan.)
Unscrew the dishwasher from the cupboard mounts. Pull it out. Have to put in a shimmy first... blahblahblah... process/process/ look underneath. Water in tube goes all the way to the machine.
"Okay. Gotta get the plug off the mount, and figure out how to let all the water drain out of the drain hose without electrocuting myself, or spraying water all over the motor and electrical wires.
Not sure what's going on, so I'll empty it, then turn it on, and see if I get a clue."
Did that.

This is the funny ending to this crazy post...
Get it unloaded, and switch it to "rinse", to look underneath to see what exactly is going on, and it goes "RRrrrrrrr, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle", and drains just fine into the bottom of the sink's drain (where the hose attaches to the sink drain.) No problem.
God. "Maddie Turned The Damned Dial! (midstream in yesterday's washing the dishes. It was in the middle, and she turned it to the "end".) I'm such an Idiot!"
She does it all time time (when it's not in use) why the hell didn't I think of it? She probably did it right in front of me!

Ah well.
I was in serious need of the levity, friends.

In case you're wondering about the state of my mental health....
I'm not really the "clean up a mess with a paper towel as you go" type.
I'm more of a "start at the ceiling" sort of cleaner. Not that I always let it go that long, but it has to be clean to the the lowest molecule in order to be "clean" to me.
It's probably partly related to ocd, which I certainly have a keen understanding of.
But to me... I have to know deep, deep down that it's clean, not just "looks" clean.

You've seen a very strange side of me in this post...
and I'm off to put in another load of laundry.....
Good day Sir.


Kim said...

The picture you painted of your laundry is all too clear to me, dear sister.
I often find Mike singing..."And we dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig the whole day through....." as he is looking for something. About a year ago I figured out a great short cut, though. I have a laundry table, and on that table their are seven baskets, (plus three on the floor for sheets, towels and other general use laundry) one for each member of the family (I labeled them with a sharpie). When they come out of the dryer, I just seperate them into the approptiate basket. That way, even if they don't get folded, the kids can still find their own clothes out of their own baskets. Occasionally they all get folded, but most of the time they don't. I use to get so stressed out when I had to find all the kids' clothes (I felt bad if I didn't because it was a daunting task even for me) so I made it possible for them to find their own. It is so much easier this way. I hope this helps.

Stephanie said...

Dear Sister KimKay:
Our Mother has already related your genius to me.
In fact, I urged my son to put his two pair of Spidies into his top drawer, today.
With no fatal mishaps.
Our Beloved Mother also carried to me another tale... one in which she shared your Biggest Laundry Secret... in which your dDh shares in the chore.
(she sung his praises loud and clear, Dear Sister.)
I am most impressed by your superior wisdom, and am Seriously Considering taking it To Heart.
Especially since today (in desperation) my very own Dh begged me to only show him How To Do The Laundry!
(Know that this note is not to bring a blush to your cheeks, only a smile to your lips.)
All my love,
Your Devoted Sister,

Stephanie said...

Methinks in all my waxing I missed your point, you were saying "seperate baskets out of the dryer" and I heard "fold and put in seperate baskets = the work that I don't like.
A fine idea, indeed. At least dh would know where to hunt for his socks....

Kim said...

Aaaahhhh, yes indeed. Mike is an angel when it comes to sharing (all of) the chores. I very much appreciate him and am so very pleased to have him around these three months.
Yes, I meant that I just toss them out of the dryer into the appropriate baskets.....rarely do I fold them.
I've beem meaning to post about Moms visit, I will be doing it soon. It was actually quite pleasant. I noticed and appreciate some major changes that she has made. (For example plugging her ears when the kids were loud in the van instead of screaming that I should beat them to get them to be quiet).
Lundi is getting baptized tomorrow and is so very excited. I'll be busy on the morrow so look for a post coming Sunday.
Love you, goodnight.

Stephanie said...

Eldest Sister curtsies and nods a gracious "You're welcome!" :)
I'm teasing, of course, but I know she really means it when she says now that she would do it differently.
She marvels at her girls, and sees a different and loving way, and calls it "better". A big deal.
She is learning, just as we all are.
She loves and admires us.
Looking forward to reading through your therapy session!

Kim said...

I want to comment about a comment that you posted in response to a comment that I posted in response to your original post. But it really has nothing to do with your post, so you don't have to publish this comment, I just don't want to open Outlook right now, so I am e-mailing you here.
I thought that Mom's "good behavior" might have been heavily influenced by you, my dear. Did you have a talk with her? If you did, it was certainly affective and I thank you kindly, as do my children. Thay have even commented how "Grammie was way nicer this time than she was the last time she came to visit." During her visit, I often found myself saying....."Thank You, Steph. Either you have been doing some great training with her over the years, or you told her to come and leave with no regrets." I could tell she was trying really hard. I give her the credit and you my sincere gratitude. I love you. I would blog tonight, but I must prepare my lesson for my precious primary kids tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

I'll publish it... only to say "I was teasing."
I have no right to take credit for the work of another's spirit!
I may bop her on the head from time to time :), but it is Her work, just as choosing a different way is Ours. The credit goes to her for acknowledging that there is another way that expresses love and bows to graciousness.
As I said... she is trying, just as we all are.
Love you kks.

whimsigal said...

This post was so charming! I could totally see you trying to figure out what was going on with that dishwasher and oh how I wished to be a fly on the wall when you discovered what the problem was. You have the most delightful way of sharing yourself with us!