Tuesday, August 14, 2007

just busy cleanin'...

I'm not lost... I've just been cleaning that closet I told you of, finished helping (ahem) Trev clean his room (days and days I tell you) cleaned out the hall drawers (medicines and oils and bandaids and cottonballs) and cleaned out the other big drawer (soaps and lotions and creams) and cleaned Maddie's room, and finishing laundry, cleaned out my dresser, and and and.

I've got some posts in the making, but I have no idea what they say... have to go back and see if they should be deleted or published.

Sort of spring cleaning around here. You'd not really be able to tell, from looking at it, all the work is being done on the inside.

It's funny - I'm not a packrat, really, but being pretty conservative with earth's resources (big on recycling and and all of that), I found it really difficult to throw things away into the garbage. Clothes, little boxes that had oils or vitamin e sticky spilled onto (saturated) them, lotions that are four or five+ years old.. etc.
It was pretty painful.
Not that I was tossing them out, mind you, that felt wonderful! But that I was tossing them into the garbage. The clothes were none that anyone would want, paint splatters, a grease stain, etc.
It just felt... wasteful. Wrong. Contaminating the earth. I didn't like it.

On the other hand... how refreshing to be rid of so many pests that have been eating away at the far corners of my brain for the last few months!

Spiritually having the corners clean also does something to me, too. I'm not feeling especially... tingly... just yet, as the rooms themseves are not very sparkly right this minute (right after I'm done here), but clearing out the clutter is definitely working its magic on my soul.

You know (or should) that I am definitely a "details" kind of girl - and clearing out the cobwebs in my home is definitely related to clearing them out in my head and spirit as well.

Today I'll be sending Eric to work outside (yes, I said "send him!" - he wants things done as much as I, and knows that I canna do it all on my own) and I'll be working my magic on the inside.
Life is good.
And sparkly.

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