Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fancy Shmancy Banners

Laura - I wasn't sure if you'd remember where you asked the question - so I'll do a quick post here. (maybe someone else will be interested, too. Took me a couple of days to do the research on it when I changed mine.)

To change your banner (in five easy steps or less):

1) Open up your chosen image in your favorite photo editing software.

2) crop it to however you want it (obviously for banner layouts, you may want to crop it in an oblong shape - or not!).

3) For regular sized theme layouts in blogger, save ("save as") the width of your image as "650 or 655 pixels". Pixels, not inches! For a wider blog layout, such as this one, I'd go with 950 pixels for the length. Mine is 850, and see how it doesn't fill out the frame all the way?
Blogger will accomodate a larger height in it's (boxed) frame, but it does not currently make allowances for the width. The OLM banner is 855, too, and it is too big, puffs over the right-hand side. (but I can live with it, I like the image.)

4) After you save it to the correct pixel size, go to (from your regular blog page)
Header (click Edit)
Then click "Behind Image" or "Instead of Image".
Then "Save Changes".

That's it.

If you have any questions, I will certainly help if I can!


whimsigal said...

Dang, I'm still trying to figure out how your blog takes up the whole dadgum page.



Stephanie said...

You mean this one?
There is a simple explanation.... it's a different layout!
The template I use for this one is "Minima Lefty Stretch".

whimsigal said...

Yeah, that's what I thought but when I tried that one it really didn't look any different on my computer! LOL

Believe me, it's been a user error kind of day, so undoubtedly I'm doing something wrong. :o

whimsigal said...


I'm officially a hack because my site looks like yours, in different colors.

Do you mind if I use the same template?

Told you it was a user error, by the way....

If you want me to use a different template let me know. Don't want you to think I'm a copycat, I just hated the way everything was perfectly centered on my blog.

Stephanie said...

'Course I don't mind.
And now I'm off to check out yer hard work....

whimsigal said...

Bless you, friend. You are unaware of how much you influence me and continue to raise the bar on my blogging skills. I have been playing all night with creating new banners and what fun it is!

I think I have found the perfect size for this template 1200 x 256.

You are fun and so inspirational!


Laura said...

Hey, thanks! you're right that i couldn't recall where i'd asked, so I was a'scrolling through - thanks for making it stand out. :) I look forward to trying that out.. now, which picture...

Thanks for the instructions!