Friday, August 24, 2007

Grateful for: Tools

Oh, yes, I am very grateful for tools.

Yesterday I called the bank to see how much money we had in checking. Turns out, it was $36.xx. Woops.
There's a week til payday. As soon as I hung up the phone, I wasn't worried. It will work out alright. Thus my appreciation for abundance yesterday. It doesn't come from any sort of desire for mind-trickery, but an honest feeling of "all is well". If we need money, it will come.

This for me is where magick comes in.
It's a way for me to align as many things as I am able - thoughts, intention, spirit, feelings, physical surroundings, creativity, words, actions - into focus.
It's doing something with my hands and mind that matches my spirit's request. It is a tool.

All of the things I wrote of yesterday were also the day's tools - an abundance of apples from next door, pears from our own yard, herbs that I grow for the occasional spell or ointment, nature, quiet, peace - it was all there as if to say "look at all of these beautiful things, how could you possibly think that this is "Not enough! Never enough...?"
I don't.

I don't feel trapped by our trappings. We don't live in chaos (well, usually), but we do have many possessions.
Toys. Books. Art supplies. Gardens. My camera. Tools for discovering, and learning, and exploring.

They're only things.
But these Things, such as fancy colored pencils and charcoals that are there whenever we want them - seem to say to me "You are reminded to create, and imagine, and live, and see the beauty, and know that all is well. Remember to live richly."
And we do.

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whimsigal said...

you know what's weird? Sometimes I feel like we're living the same life, just across the country from one another. Yesterday I only had $2 in the bank and was wondering how in the world we were going to make it until next week. Then, I just quit worrying about it. We'll make it as we always manage to find A Way.

I love your blog. It's always so real and honest!