Friday, August 17, 2007

Gratitude: Blogs

I'm grateful for blogs.
That we can share with others that we would probably never meet, and become friends, and get to know eachother, and feel a comraderie with someone two thousand miles away.
I'm grateful that I have this resourse for expressing myself.
I'm grateful that others visit, and comment, and laugh with me.
I'm grateful that I can learn from others in this way.


KMDuff said...

I agree. You stated things so well. :) I am still learning about blogging, figuring out my style, my purpose, my needs, etc. But I love the ability to reach out and connect with others thru the words.

whimsigal said...

Were it not for this blog, my life would not be as rich because you would not be a part of it. I'm grateful for blogs, too.

I feel like I can expose parts of myself that people wouldn't normally get to see. Not in a peeping tom way, of course! lol that looked sort of dirty after I typed it...

It's a wonderful medium and amazing that so many people use it and connect through it.

Kim said...

Me, too. I like yours in particular. Especially the pictures of the kids whom I miss so much!!!
Do you want to come to Maine with Robyn? We'll figure out a place to put everybody. We have tents, you know, and plenty of floor space!!
PS-Thanks for inspiring me to start a blog. I've found it a great way to think through things. I also find myself watching for things to write about throughout the day, like my eyes are open wider. I know I will treasure this "journal" later and so will my children.
Keep up the great words of inspiration, Steph. I love you.