Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Gratitude: My house

I'm so thankful for my home. That we are home owners, I mean.

My needs the trim painted, plaster-walled, low-ceiling den, added on to (twice) 1911 square foot, red brick 1951 house.

So thankful that we bought four years ago, with a pretty decent fixed interest rate, and have a mortgage that we can afford.


whimsigal said...

GIRL! I so hear that! Can you imagine trying to buy a house today??

That is certainly something to be thankful for.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

Me too! I spend a bit too much time thinking or talking about things I'd change to make my house "perfect" but the truth is that I love it right now, just as it is.

Lerend Zonder School said...

Have you been reading about all the foreclosures going on right now? It's a shame that mortgage fraud is so rampant these days, and Utah is number 1 for mortgage fraud. And to think when we refinanced our house recently I was thinking it would be better to go with a local company. We ended up staying with who we originally had.

We purchased 11 years ago, and am also thankful as I don't think we could afford the house we're in with today's market.


Stephanie said...

I haven't been reading on it but I've been ill for the last few days, so lots of tellie watching.

Saw last night on the evening news a guy who bought a few years ago (I think it was a few yrs ago) with an adjustable interest rate, and is now paying 10% interest, and owes 10k more than he purchased his house for.
What a nightmare!
ANd hearing that even with excellent credit folks are still having a hard time getting a loan. We have medical bills (still, from the babies), so we are far from perfect credit.
So thankful for the mediocre 5.87% fixed that we have!

Julie - us either. Little tiny house next door is asking 52k more than we paid for this one, and it is easily half this size.
I can't imagine what the payment would be today!