Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gratitude: Forgiveness

After spending the afternoon being a cross between the ugly little troll that lives under the bridge, who shouts at the Three Billy Goats gruff "Who's that stomping across my bridge?!?" and The Queen of Hearts demanding with a Serious Huff "Off With Their Heads!" I find myself very grateful that my husband doesn't just think "It's Just Not Worth It!" and simply bail out on me.
He just hangs on.
Hoping (but maybe not being entirely certain) that it it will soon (within a few minutes) pass.
God bless him.

He is my salvation, and my Prince.

Love you Baby.
You are my Everything Sane. I cannot tell you how much your steadfastness means to me.
Your Pretty Girl.

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Stephanie said...

Just goes to show how gracious He is... I was supposing when I suggested "You wanna read this post?" that His response after reading would be "UH.. Okay." But instead I recieved a bigfatkiss, with a heartfelt "Thanks, Baby."

Uh.. thank YOU. You're welcome.
Love You.