Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gratitude: My job

Piddly as it is.
And even though I am again considering quitting.
It's one day a week, on Saturdays. 9-5. There's hardly any work to do, usually I have at most a half hour of filing, and need to answer the phone for the seldom call, and once in a while I show an apartment.
Lots of listening to folks complain. Mostly about each other.
The residents are poor and it's in an area where crime is a common occurrence. Though our apartments and grounds are lovely and clean.
So when I'm not stressed over a sitter because Grammy is out of town, or worried that they'll fire me for not attending asst manager meetings (no sitter, you know)... it's pretty good. Just a little bit of money every couple of weeks, and loads of quiet computer time on a Saturday afternoon.
Not a bad deal.
I'm grateful.

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