Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today I'm grateful for....

Tea brewing in the sun. Or shade (due to clouds), as the case may be.

This yummy cranberry granola that I discovered yesterday. Remember that pumpkin that was smaller than the tip of my finger a few days ago?

Hollyhocks (which were planted from seed this year.)


Kim said...

So tell me again, dear sister. What kind of camera do you have? I dropped our good one a couple of months ago and have been using our old one (Kodak easy share). The one I broke was a Sony cyber shot, which I loved but can't find it anywhere. It looks to me like yours takes fantastic pictures. So what's your secret? Is it the photographer or the camera or both?
Love you lots.

Stephanie said...

Lil S3IS - the IS stands for Image Stabilization.
Less than $250.
Love it.
Yours canna be fixed? I remember you wanted to send it in and have them check it out....

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just set it on the counter, and tell it what I want it to take a picture of...

whimsigal said...

How do you make suntea? I'm such a bad southern girl because my tea is terrible and it cannot be offered to guests in my home. My MIL from NJ makes better tea than me.

That granola picture made my tummy growl and your Hollyhocks are beautiful. How nice to be able to grow things and keep them alive. Seriously, I considered not having kids because I killed every plant I ever owned. So far so good, though. :)

I love those pictures!

Kim said... what's the brand? If you got it from Daddy (if I remember right) than I can assume it is a Canon. Is that right? As far as the Cyber Shot goes.....well long story short, customer service was incredibly rude, couldn't speak English and not very helpful. So that experience made me NOT want to send it in. Maybe I just need to get over it and send the thing in.
Have a great day at Lagoon. Do they still have my favorite roller coaster? That rickety white one? Ride it ten times for me if they do!!! Love you!