Friday, September 07, 2007

Anonymous need not reply...

Well, here I sit.
Going on and on about how I think and what I believe in.
I've had a lot of thoughts lately about "maybe I shouldn't be quite so.... er, Me!, in my posts. Maybe I could be more gentle, and kind. Maybe I should attain for a Kind Blog lotus stamp."
Maybe I should go for public approval, and stand In The Middle Of The Road. (Not at all implying that kind folks are middle of the road, I just mean that you don't see Soule Mama flippin' 'em off and tellin' them to go jump in the lake.)

I've been reading here and there recently about Anonymous' comments. When I set up my blog, I saw the option of "Allow anonymous comments?" and I said "Uh, no." If I'm gonna Stand, then I think others should, too.
There is way too much info here, way too much Truth Telling to subject myself to a comment that Anonymous may or may not mean, and may just be spouting because he or she is having a bad day.
If you're gonna say it, Man, say it like you mean it.

So I've gone through the medley of thoughts regarding "what's right" and "what's right for all" and "what's right for me" and "what's right for children" and "how to fix the world".
Most of those thoughts you were subjected to in my last post, which is why it was scattered and long and broad.
I really do believe in freedom for all - even the freedom to voice an opinion that you don't wish to be personally attacked for.
But I also believe in Personal Truth.
And really, even if you spout off an "You're an idiot, and doing a diservice to your child/ren", you're probably going to revisit later and see what the response is to You and Your Words, so it's going to affect you regardless of your signature/not at the bottom line.
You're gonna still feel attacked, and bruised.

Maybe if you had spoken your Truth aloud, and with either conviction or an open mind, you might have been treated better, with understanding, and maybe you would come away wiser and have at least a better understanding of some of the folks with which you share the planet.

So I said "No".
No Anonymous comments.

If we're (I'm) gonna speak Truth, then it needs to be real Truth.
So I'll Stand.
And, for better or worse, I encourage others to Stand with me.

Here's to a few of them... remarkable and inspiring women who have lately gathered strength to Stand on their own.
Amanda, Aubrey, Evie, Julie, Kim, Laura, and Boho.


whimsigal said...

Girl, I love you! I feel like standin' up and screaming "hallelujah!"

You are all that AND a bag of chips!

Now, I'm off to change my blog so no more anonymous peeps can make remarks.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

I totally agree with you. I've always used my real name on the net. Who else would I be?

Stephanie said...

Steph - Yes, that's it exactly.
I've never understood or had much respect for people that are not themselves, or behave/live mainly to please others.
Which is probably why I parent the way I do, and keep the blogs.
(And why I feel compelled to admit some of my mistakes - just becaue I believe in something - doesn't mean I am perfect at it!)

Stephanie said...

Evie Darling -
back at you.