Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Month of Sundays

My birthday is next month. October 23. I'll be thirty-nine.
There is a certain something that I want to do... though I'm not sure what, yet.
Something about a Month of Sundays.
Something about lots of sitting in quiet.
Lots of time for meditation and contemplation.
Lots of heeding messages from the twitterings and cheepings of my bird friends, and tumbling rivers and whispering winds.
Lots of time for writing, and lots of wisdom.

I'm not sure.
But for some reason this year I am called to celebrate.

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whimsigal said...

Girl, I'm telling you. Somehow, through the space of processors, microchips, and cable modems, we are connected. Both Sean and I have birthdays next month as well. Mine is on the 5th and his is the 24th. Weird, huh?

I like the way you're going to celebrate. I usually claim a birthday week, which earns me a lot of ribbing around here but you have laid claim to the birthday month. What a beautiful idea. I hope you enjoy every moment of it, friend. You deserve it.