Monday, September 17, 2007


Autumn officially arrives in my town at 3:51am on Sunday, September 23.
How delicious!

This morning I drifted outside while my three babes were still sleeping. I had left my notebook outside last night on the covered patio - I suspected I'd want to be outside this morning, you see.
A lovely fifty-something degrees this morning. Mmmmmm. Perfect for a chenille throw over my shoulders, thick knitted socks, and a cup of vanilla mocha coffee - with hot cocoa added to it, of course.

I've been thinking more about my upcoming birthday. My friend Evie lays claim to a week for her celebration, most times.

Birthdays around here (for Eric and I) just go by quietly, without fanfare or much notice. While that's always perfectly alright, lately I've been called to... do something.

I think it started with Michelle's post about May being her birthday month. Yes, I think I've been considering it since way back then. What a delicous idea - to nurture one's self for an entire month! While I do take care to do things for myself and claim for myself moments or even days as I need them, it seems appropriate to consciously plan to do so for the entire month.

October is my favorite month of the year - there is all that romantic gathering and harvesting, soup making, decorating throughout the house with gorgeous leaves, pumpkins, and gourds; burning yummy pumpkin scented candles, kicking up leaves while taking afternoon walks - in general, wrapping ones self in all the decadence the season offers.

I said yesterday that I wanted to do something, but that I wasn't sure what. I know what I would like to experience - daily deliciousness.

That for me includes things like a morning meditation while it's quiet and still.

Coffee on the patio.


Nature journaling - inspired by these two glorious books, Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Walker Leslie, and The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (1906) by Edith Holden.

I don't want to make a plan for each day - as expectations lead to frustration for me most times, but I think I would like to get up early enough that I have a few minutes to consider what it is that I'd like to experience or accomplish each day.
If you feel the need to nurture yourself for a time (and therefore be better equipped to nurture your loves and your world) please join me - and I'd love to hear any ideas or stories that you would like to share.

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Lerend Zonder School said...

I love your "daily delisciousness" idea. My birthday is also next month (on the 20th) as well as Kyan's (the 11th). Lee & I also don't do much fanfare around here on our birthdays, as long as we do something special as a family that's really all I need.

I definitely love to have some free moments in the morning to have my coffee and think about the day. When the kids wake me up then I feel a step behind all day.

You've inspired me to nurture myself, let's see what I come up with:)