Monday, September 24, 2007

NEA Response

Welp, I thought I could do it without getting riled, but turns out, I couldn't.
Here's what I'm sending with my signature.

Being a home educator, I am compelled to speak my mind regarding the NEA's Resolution - specifically the views expressed on home schooling.
While I understand that the NEA feels that it is the final word regarding the welfare of public children, most of those that choose to home educate do so because we do not see our children as "public".
We see them as individuals, and choose to nurture that individuality, and coax from them the gifts that set them apart from 'the public'.
Most of us are not interested in mass-manufacturing.
We are interested in this child, and his needs, and her personal interests and welfare.
While some accept without question the NEA's competency and right to choose how best to educate any and all children, and know what's best, some of us (home educator's) do not accept this "one size fits all" practice, and to judge us incompetent in choosing a way that is tailored specifically to the child's needs is just insulting.
We are not The Public.
We are individuals, and you will be able to identify many of us by the way we do not lie down and accept what others say is "good for us", but have the courage to find our own way, and shine on so brightly that we might even leave a well-lit trail for others (individuals) to follow.
One can hope.

So far I've seen the signatures of Laura, Evie, and Julie. And Melissia!
woohoo! I'm betting they'll get well over a thousand!


whimsigal said...


Your stuff always sounds so good!


Laura said...

No kidding! I was feeling rather uninspired when I signed the petition so just zipped off a quickie. BUT, my sig's there, and that's what counts. Amen.